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Karmod prefabricated houses are the new preferences of house seekers, thanks to their aesthetic and ergonomic design, quality, quick production time, long live, environmentally friendly with affordable prices.

Karmod Prefabricated Houses have many advantages in terms of meeting customer’s expectations. Karmod has strong experience and technological background in Prefabricated Houses sector. Since 1986 Karmod has executed many projects and today Karmod Houses are used in over 80 countries around the world.

Prefab Houses enjoy an innovative design of Modern Architectural that is prepared by KARMOD’s professional Architectures and Engineers. Our houses plans provide maximum useful areas which create spacious living places. During design and planning process customer expectations are taken into consideration.

While architechtural design is being prepared to give peaceful and comfortable living areas, maximum safety is being maintained by our engineers when preparing static structure calculations. When preparing prefabricated houses designs many points are taken into consideration such as final purpose of use, which country, which climate region, cultural expectations and geographical features. As a result custom applications are used to reflect climate charecteristics on the project.

In social housing projects, project area characteristics are checked by professional KARMOD team before the installation. According to survey in project area, Country's cultural elements are considered. For example in the Arab countries and the Middle East countries that are dominated by Islamic life culture water closets are not preferred in toilets. Instead squat toilets are chosen. Also placing WC and bathroom at same area will be weird and unfavourable according to culture.

Karmod Prefab Houses are designed by professional architectures and engineers, and the manufaturing process is dominated by Technological Equipments. Karmod experienced technical office transfer the planned and prepared projects through Computer system by special softwares to technologically operated production line. All project details will be taken into consideration during manufacturing process and details such as wall panels, roof, windows, door etc… come with their exact measurments from production line.

Prefab Houses structures are produced as demountable with a system that uses screws instead of welding.

Karmod wall panels that form prefabricated hosues, come at standard width and height. External wall panels have 10 cm width, andinternal panels have 6cm width and they provide high insulation against heat and sound. Wall panels are made our of two cement boards with high strength EPS between them, which is one of the best materials used for insulation. Polystren foam shows high resistance to sunlight, impacts, water and that kind of adverse effects, which is why Karmod is using polystren foam in prefab houses.

The static structure of prefabricated houses is ensured by the H profiles, which are the steel profiles used to join the wall panels with each other. The structure is then fastened to the concrete slab with special steel screws.

The main frame of the roof system is also produced as demountabe seamless structure by high-tech production line according to project details. For roofing, metal tiles can be chosen and it will be produced with different colours alternatives green, burgundy or red.

Karmod is using double glazed PVC windows with international quality standards in Prefab houses. Double glazed windows provides heat and sound insulation.

Prefab House’s main door is highly secure steel door. Internal doors are American doors (wooden panel doors)

All electrical and sanitary materials such as cables, sockets, switches, lightings clean water & sewage water pipes, sinks, are chosen from top quality certified products.

The resulting structures after any project is formed from above mentioned demounbtable units. This advantage is considered one of the most important advantages of prefabricated houses. This makes it easy to send the house easily to any country and according to standards of sea, train, air or land transportation. For overseas destinations, prefabricated houses are shipped inside shipping containers, and for close regions they are transported in bulk.

When prefabricated house arrives to its final destination the demountable units are discharged from the transportation vehicle. After that the assembling process starts by placing the wall panels on the concrete slab that has already been prepared according to drawing provided by Karmod. Assembling is done in order for external and internal wall panels through joining them with H profiles coloumns. Following that doors and windows frams are placed. Above wall panels special omega profiles are placed for placing roof trusses, then the demountable roof trusses are put in place.

Special metal purlins are screwed onto the roof trusses. The function of the purlins is to facilitate the installation of roof covering material. If the shingle is chosen as a roof covering OSB will be applied on Metal Purlins.

Meanwhile Sanitaryware and Electrical installation is going on inside the building. Electrical installation will be applied inside special cable channels over plaster. According to customer preference electrical system can be applied as flush mounted. Usually electrical installations are jointed in fuse box which is placed above the main door.

Sanitaryware will be done according to project and at the last stage sink and closet will be placed.

Ceiling is then formed by placing special metal strips and covered by gypsum boards. After the installation, H Columns will be screwed from bottom to the concrete slab by steel bolts to keep building secure. After this comes painting the house interior and exterior, and the prefab house will be ready to use and can be delivered to customer. According to their decision, our customers can chose ceramic tiles or wooden parquet application for interior flooring.

Karmod so far has completed the production of thousands of houses around the world with international experience. One of the most important projects was the Iraq Social Housing Project which has been completed on 2013. Karmod delivered a giant project consisting of 1884 houses withing 7 months. The city was intended to accommodate 10 thousand people in Capital of Iraq, Baghdad and Kut cities. Within the scope of this project and beside the houses Karmod produced school, health centre, management building and other social facilities.

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