KARMOD, Cabins’ World Brand


KARMOD, Cabins’ World Brand
Since 1986, Karmod with its innovative production approach became leader manufacturer of the modular living Cabins.
Karmod modular cabins are prepared in modern production systems that are supported by technological investment without compromising environmentally friendly features and are being used securely in over 80 countries around the world.

Comparing to others, Modular Cabins are much more economical with price advantage and unique features.
Let us talk about some of Karmod differences and advantages.
Highly insulation: Karmod Cabin wall and roof panels provide maximum insulation thanks to the full density polyurethane insulation material used. The product can easily reverse hot and cold weather conditions. That is why KARMOD Cabins were called as ‘’ice cabin’’ in warm Northern African countries.

Flame retardant safety system: Karmod products have high density B2 flame retardant polyurethane sandwich panel system, which makes it highly reliable products in case of fire.

Full-intensity use of raw materials: Karmod uses high technology in manufacturing its cabins with semi-automated converyor system, and full density usage of raw material, which increases strength and insulation of cabins.

Leakproof Roof System: Karmod's modular living units enjoy leakproof roof system that provide safe living spaces even in tropical climate conditions.

Special Heat Treatment System: Karmod's modular living cabin wall panels and roof panels are made out of polyester reinforced with fiberglass with special heat treatment for more durability.

Tempered safe glass: Karmod modular Cabins come with tempered safety glass. In case of any refraction or cracking it will not be diffracted.

U.V. Protected Surface: Karmod Cabin’s wall and roof panels are coated with U.V. protected gelcoat painting against the Sunlight. The special heat treatment painting system provides smooth and shiny surface which differentiate Karmod cabins from other products.

Modular Feature: All parts are that make up the cabin, produced with modular and demountable features and can be easily transported to most of the countries according to international standards. Cabins will be assembled by Karmod supervisors in the project area and delivered to customer as a ready to use.

Short-time production and assembling: Thanks to Karmod-owned unique production technology with high-quality mass-produced panels, Karmod can produce large numbers of security cabins, worksite camp cabins, military cabins or bugget cabins in short time. The pre-produced cabins are assembled onsite with screws and are delivered to customers as ready to use.

Solution for details: The main electricity connection is jointed to junction box in Karmod living cabins’ electrical system. Long-life PVC door is chosen as doors system. Door stopper is placed behind door so that it won’t cause damage to the product when opened. Floor covering is chosen from PVC decorative material.

In addition to the above mentioned features, you will find many other differences in Karmod living cabins among which we can mention maximum width, ergonomic plans, cleanable and washable surface.

According to customers’ expectations many applications can be added on Karmod cabins. For heating and cooling air conditioner can be used, special shelves system, drawers with desk and other applications. Movable blinds to protect against direct sun light, electric shutter system, ventilation opennings from top or sides, automatic door, wider doors applications, adjustable legs system and many other applications.

Production can be made according to many alternative dimensions starting from 150x150 up to 390x1230 cm and for many solutions including office, worksite, buffet, WC and shower units.

What usages are Karmod modular living cabins preffered for? According to customer’s need for closed areas, Karmod secure and ergonomic cabins can be grouped as per following areas of usage:

Security cabin: We are providing ergonomic spaces for the security personnels to be used in city centers and for checkpoints. According to customer requirement, security cabins can be quickly produced and delivered ready to use whether for one administrative person or consisting from many rooms. Our security cabins can be used for military checkpoints, airports, city centers, police checkpoints, embassies and other public and special areas.

Karmod security cabins are also chosen for security guards located in shopping malls, living compounds and mass housing projects, international organizations, stadums and salons, companies and management centers.

Buffet Cabin: Karmod modular living cabins are produced to be used as sales points at any part of the city. You can start your business directly with Karmod buffet cabins with their special functions such as movable sales window, sanitaryware and electric systems and stock area. Karmod buffet cabins were chosen by world-famous English football team Manchester United as tickets sales kiosks.

Karmod buffet cabins were also chosen by Istanbul Mitropolitan Municipality for its “Halk Ekmek” bread selling points which sells 2 million bread products daily

Office and Worksite Living Cabins: Karmod living cabins units are being preffered for worksites workers camps in projects requiring quick worker camps complexes solutions. Karmod cabins are chosen in North African countries for oil extraction sites, gold and other metals extraction worksites.

Among Karmod worksite solutions, management and technical team offices, dormitories, dining halls, special laboratories, recreation areas, WC and shower units and many other solutions.

Emergency settlement units: Karmod modular units can come with closed area up to 50 square meters and are produced quickly and delivered ready to use for areas affected by disasters such as wars, earthquakes or floods. Each unit is prepared with room, kitchen, WC and shower in addition to electricity and plumbing networks.

WC – Shower Units: The ready to use WC and shower cabins are produced according to international shipping standards as demountable and are assembled on site and delivered as ready to use. They come with clean water and waste water installations included. WC-Shower units are prepared according to customers preferences as single unit or multi units. The cabin can include according to customer choice water closet unit, squat toilet unit, shower tray or uniral. Furthermore the washing basin, faucet and mirror are offered with Karmod wc-shower units.

As an option Karmod can produce WC units for people with special needs, which comes with wider door and special equipments. Karmod WC cabins can be produced with multi units and two separate entrances in same structure.

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