New Generation Container
Karmod launched the era of new generation containers. The production experience accumulated since 1986 and the product development process adopted by R & D together lead to creating the new generation of containers with its many outstanding features.

Karmod new generation Container became the new choice and alternative for site offices, emergency accommodation units, mess halls, labor camos, schools, and social facilities buiidngs.

We can list below the basic unique features of the new product

Highly insulation: Karmod new generation living units have 50 mm walls sandwich panel and 110mm roof sandwich panel with high insulation. In other products trapezoidal sheet is used for roof and from inside PVC covering, but for the first time and as unique advanateg in Karmod new genereation containers 110 mm thickness sandwich panel are being used. This insulation advantage provides high resistance against hot and cold weather coditions.

Full Demountable System: Karmod new generation container has a unique feature with its completely demountable system that was developed from the classic semi-demountable system. Based on the new production system containers with 3x7 m dimensiosn can be produced taking into consideration transportation conditions, compared with 2.45x5.95 m classic demountable system. For the first time Karmod new demountable containers allowed for top and bottom chassis to be easily packaged for transportation thanks to the seamless screw system used in production.

Transportation advantage: For the first time Karmod containers could be transported in bulk “knockdown structure” according to international transportation conditions. The new generation containers can be transported by means of land, sea, train and air transportation.

Easy & Practical Installation: Being produced completely using screw system, Karmod new generation container can be transported to anywhere around the world as demountable and can be assembled easily on project area. This system brings another important advantage that is the ability to unassemble and reassemble the containers for many times without being deformed.

Automotive Technology in Painting: Electrostatic powder paint is being used on metal parts of Karmod new generation living units. Karmod painting technology with its unique bright colour has same quality as automotive painting.

Environmentally friendly technology: Thanks to the new production technology, Karmod new generation container has 35% less carbon immissions compared with other similar products. All materials used in production of Karmod new generation containers are %100 recyclable and are produced using engirnmentally friendly technology.

Unmatchable production and installation speed: Karmod new generation containers are manufactured through high technology band system production line. They are transported to any area according to international transportation standards, and then quickly assembled and delivered ready to use thanks to the demountable structure feature.

Karmod new generation containers became world's favourite brand for worker camps and worksite buildings thanks to possibility of joining units together and have multi storey alternatives. Karmod products has reached to more than 80 countries in Africa, Europe, Far East Asia, Middle East and America.

Karmod new generation container is becoming world's favourite brand thanks to speed of project planning, production and installation. Container worksite complexes projects are quickly study and planned by Karmod technical office according to number of people who will live in the camp. The worksite complex can include management and technical offices, laundry, kitchen, wc and shower units and other required functional areas.According to the location units can be placed as separate from each other or can be jointed and stacked up to three storey.

Production is completed withing short time after taking into consideration customers’ expectations and regional climate conditions in the country. Karmod container structures are pre-produced within factory on high technology production line, then they are shipped according to international transportation standards and are assembled on site and delivered ready to use.

We would like to give you some details about worksite projects we have completed across the world. Karmod produced worksite buildings for Shahdeniz project which will provide natural gas to whole Europe. The Shahdeniz 2 project in Baku, Azerbeyjan is considered to have world’s largest natural gas reserves. Karmod completed the worksite buildings that included container workers dormitories and dining hall with prefabricated management and technical teams’ offices.

Karmod has completed and delivered workers worksite complex for the third airport project in the historical city of Istanbul. Upon its completion the airoport will have the world’s largest capacity of 150 million passengers per year. The resounding airport project is among Turkey’s most important projects. Karmod was pleased to take part in the beginning of construction of the third airport. The worksite complex consisted of management offices, engineers’ offices, meeting room, mess hall, dormitory, laundry room, kitchen and mosque. The 300 person capacity dining hall and two storey 324 capacity dormitory were chosen from Karmod new generation containers system. According to number of accommodated workers, WC and shower units were placed in each floor. As the airport project is progressing, new units’ structures will be made.

Karmod has delivered the worksite complex that will be used for construction of Libya airport and fair center. 2.4 x 5.95 and 3x12 m customized dimensions cntainers were pre-produced at Karmod factory and were delivered to Libya through land-sea-land transportation phases.

Among Karmod ongoing projects is the 3x9 m (27 square meter) demountable container which is bought as emergency settlement units. The 3x9 emergency settlement fully demountable units’ installation is being done under supervision of Karmod supervisors. Each unit consisted of 2 rooms with air conditioner wiring, kitchen and bathroom with WC unit inside. Karmod emergency settlement units are expected to accommodate 8 thousand people who escaped from internal war.

Karmod prefabricated worksite buildings are every where in the world with their quality, high technology and many advantages they offer.

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